About Me & the Blog

This blog is intended to help me navigate the profound changes happening in my life and the world in a mindful, ecological way, and to provide a space for dialogue, reflection and community among fellow (r)evolutionaries.

I am on the earth to grow and learn as much as possible, and to assist those who are ready and able to do the same.

I stand for the realization of maximum human potential in all areas of life, and in all communities and geographies.  I midwife the realization of individual purpose through deep self-discovery and authenticity, leading to connection, wholeness and happiness in soul and community.

I create structures, experiences and opportunities for people to uplevel themselves, evolve, and experience greater health, happiness, joy and justice.

I believe the survival of humanity depends on our ability to appreciate and celebrate diversity, while also co-creating unity around that which truly matters.

My principal values are integrity, “we”llness, kindness, truth, justice … and humor.

I believe in noble purpose, once defined to me as “a generous giving and serving of others, bountifully reciprocated, and inspiring high levels of meaning and purpose in all areas of life while at the same time taking care of oneself.”

Well, that … plus fun! (although it may not always be apparent on this blog!) 😉

This blog is an integral part of my own Evolving, and commitment to M.I.C. – meaning, inspiration, and creativity.

Enjoy, and welcome!  Bienvenidos, ¡y que disfruten!


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